The Grand Caucasus

15-day Motorcycle Adventure Tour in Russia
from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea

Explore the history and culture of the Russian Caucasus
in 15 days on an motorcycle

Fine weather, interesting destinations,
hearty welcome, tasty food,
off-road trails outside the tourist paths
and a lot of freedom!

Everyday a new adventure!
Fine weather, interesting destinations, hearty welcome,
tasty food, off-road trails outside the tourist paths
and a lot of freedom!
Everyday a new adventure!
19 May - 02 June 2022
25 Aug – 08 Sept 2022

15 days vacation
13 riding days
Total 2200-2400 km
Daily 130-300 km
4-10 participants
2 guides

About the route
Riding lightweight Enduro motorcycles, Honda XR 250, we will drive to the high mountain villages, and will pass many beautiful places. From the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea. The route passes through eight Russian states. We will start in Sochi, and then we move to Adjaral, Karachay-Cherkess Republic, Region of Stavropol, Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, Ingushetia, North Ossetia, Beslan, Chechnya (Grozniy), and finally we end up in Dagestan.
Reviews about the tour
  • Gr. Yvan De Keyzer
    Very beautiful Kaukasus enduro trip. Alexander was a very good guide, somethimes nervous, when there are problems and we had a lot in the beginning, so we loses a lot of thime. Better inspection of the bikes before a long trip, can avoid many problems. But, when you ride, new problems can accure and you have too fix it, so Alexander and his Mechanic, Egor fix them all. However, when the mechanic should have a 4x4 jeep instead of a VW car, then he can following us almost all the roads, the problems can be solved quicker then. It was my first experience with those XR 250cc Enduro bikes and after a few days you get used to it and it's fun. We had many highlights on our trip, the highest mountain of Europe, the second greatest telescope of the world, Beslan, Grozny, riding along the Kaspian sea. The Kaukasus mountains are very beautiful to ride through and I can recommend this trip to anyone.
  • Tjakko Raining
    The Netherlands
    In September we made a fantastic offroad motor trip to the Caucasus in Russia. We had an international group, with Danish, Belgium, German and Dutch people in it. The guide was Russian of course, as well as his mechanic. Both Russian guys were well prepared and prepared us a nice and magnificent route right through the Russian Caucasus and nine of its Republics of Russia. We slept at the locals in local homestays and ate local food. We saw the villages and cities, met local people and saw incredible nature and the mountain Elbrus. We drove on a nice Honda XR 250, well prepared and after the first week every evening serviced. We had a day off in Grozny and that was nice as a break of two weeks driving. We saw the local markets there, could buy some nice t-shirts and in Derbent we could buy a local Kazak hat. We also visited the silver city Kubachi and the very impressive Beslan. It was a trip to never forget! Thank you Alexander and Egor.


15 days The Grand Caucasus
Motorcycle Adventure Tour

€ 2.350,-

Price includes a motorcycle Honda XR 250 rental

What's included
  • visa assistance
  • airport transfers
  • all overnights (comfortable middle-class hotels, 2 beds in a room) during entire tour
  • breakfast every day
  • 2 picnics
  • drinking water
  • motorcycle rental
  • third party liability insurance for motorcycles
  • technical support
  • support van for luggage transportation
  • English-speaking guide
  • tour information package in English
  • Russia Adventures gift
  • vegan-friendly and halal-friendly
What's Not included
  • visa counsel fee
  • international flights to Sochi and from Makhachkala
  • lunches and dinners
  • alcoholic and other beverages
  • health insurance
  • excursion tickets
  • benzine
  • ll services not mentioned as included
  • pocket money € 300,-
  • single room € 390,-
Itinerary day by day
Itinerary day by day

Day 1 Departure - Moscow - Sochi

The flight from Moscow to Sochi.Then dinner and rest in a Sochi hotel.

Day 2 Sochi - Tuapse, 120 km

After the breakfast we will start with a ride through Sochi. We are going to visit the Olympic stadium and follow the formula 1 circuit. The road is located between famous mountains of Caucasus and the Black Sea. To Tuapse we will ride on paved road where we might encounter a lot of freight traffic. And finally a swim in the Black Sea after an intense day of riding and dinner in Tuapse.

Day 3 Tuapse - Kurdzhinovo, 270 km

We will get up early and have a breakfast. Then ride to the Kurdzhinovo through the long road in the mountains. We are going to cross the Caucasian ridge through the Shahumyan pass. At the very top of the pass, the road is not covered due to the constant movement of soil. Further, the road passes along the northern slope of the main Caucasian ridge.

Day 4 Kurdzhinovo - Dombay, 200 km

On the way from Kurdzhinovo we will visit the Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SAO RAS) with a giant telescope inside, in Arkhyz village. In order to get to the telescope we will overcome 17 km of mountain serpentine. There we will have a picnic. Than we set off for Dombay along the beautiful mountains after lunch. The route goes to a height of 3 012 meters on open or capsular lifts. From there, we will see a stunning view of the majestic peaks of Dombay-Ulgen, Ine, Sofruju, Belalakaya, Alibek, Sulahat and the picturesque Dombay glade located at the junction of the three main gorges: Alibek, Amanauz and Dombay-Ulgen. We will spend the night among the beautiful mountains.

Day 5 Dombay - Kislovodsk, 195 km

In the morning we will leave for the Bermamyt Plateau through the Gum-Bashi pass. The Bermamyt Plateau is an amazingly beautiful place, one of the best panoramic sites of the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic. It is located on the northern slope of the Greater Caucasus. The main part of the plateau – Bolshoy (Big) Bermamyt – reaches a height of 2,591 m. Nearby there is a southern rocky ledge – Malyy (Small) Bermamyt (2,643 m). In clear weather, you will be able to enjoy views of the snow-covered peaks of the Greater Caucasus and Mount Elbrus. We leave for Kislovodsk, check in at the hotel, and then go for a walk in the largest park in Europe. There we will visit a narzan gallery where you can drink sparkling water from the bowels of the earth.

Day 6 Kislovodsk - Elbrus, 180 km

After the breakfast we will go to Azau glade and the Northern foothills of Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe, through mountain serpentine on the descent to Terskol. View of mount Cheget. From Cheget glade ascent on oldest open-type cable car in Russia to a height of 3100 m. At the upper station "Kyun" We will observe the peaks of Elbrus, the Main Caucasian ridge, the glacier "Seven", Baksan gorge and mountain lake Donguzorunkel. Overnight we will stay on Elbrus.

Day 7 Elbrus - Fiagdon, 300 km

Early departure from Azau to Upper Fiagdon. Mostly mountain roads, serpentines, rivers, ravines.The road will run along the ridge, mostly gravel, and off-road. We visit the national Park of Alanya and beautiful views of the main Caucasian ridge. Mostly mountain roads, serpentines, rivers, ravines.

Day 8 Fiagdon - Grozny, 180 km

From Fiagdon we are poisoned to one of the most mysterious places in Russia, The city of the Dead. The remains of over 10,000 people are presented here in the city's 97 crypts. Next, we will go to Karmadon Gorge to the place of death of the famous Russian actor Sergei Bodrov. We will see the watchtowers, the remains of an avalanche, mount Kazbek, drive along the Georgian military road. Then we will visit Beslan, where 15 years ago, on September 1, 2004. About a dozen of Chechen militants took more than 1,200 people hostage at a school. It ended three days later in bloodshed that left hundreds dead, the majority of them being children, in one of the worst terror attacks in Russian history. The day will end in Grozny by dinner in the restaurant and evening walk.

Day 9 Grozny, rest day

This day is a day of rest from active travel in the capital city of the Russian republic of Chechnya. Grozny has undergone a massive rebuilding and development program since the end of the Second Chechen War in 2002. Many of the shelled and abandoned apartment blocs and houses have been demolished and replaced with newer re-built buildings and suburbs. We will visit Putin Avenue, Grozny city, the city of flowers, the mosque "heart of Chechnya". The group will have a dinner in the restaurant of national Chechen cuisine.

Day 10 Grozniy - Chokh, 235 km

From the valley we will ascend into the mountains. On the border of Chechnya and Dagestan the group will have a lunch on the lake Kazenoy-Am. This place is the largest and deepest in the North Caucasus, it was created by nature on the slope of the Andean ridge at an altitude of 1869 meters. The lake is home to a unique trout listed in the Red book. Further mountain streamers go to a beautiful waterfall at both heights of more than 100 meters. Then we will go to Chokh, the most beautiful mountain village in Dagestan. People have lived here since the Neolithic era. Chokh is an open-air architectural Museum. We will spend the night in a unique guest house all in one room. The ethno House is decorated in a traditional mountain style with all the elements of ethnic culture, from the interior to the kitchen utensils with all the elements of life and a small estate.

Day 11 Chokh - Kubachi, 100 km

In the morning we will move out to an abandoned village Gamsol in the mountains. The village is located on the top of the mountain, at an altitude of about 1500 meters above sea level, where you will be able to see the sites. The village is surrounded by cliffs and steep slopes. Then we will reach the underground waterfall in the canyon of the Saltinka river. A narrow gorge leads to the multi-tiered waterfall, then it turns into a cave. This waterfall is a miracle of nature. The day ends in the village of Kubachi. This village is one of the largest in the Caucasus traditional centers of artistic processing of metal, as well as stone and wood carving.

Day 12 Kubachi - Derbent, 150 km

In the morning the group will visit the jeweler's house and jewelry workshops. Highland drive to the waterfall Huczynski. It is a cascade with two degrees. The first has a height of about 3 meters, and the second-much higher, about 15 meters. At its foot small pond with clean water is formed, where you can swim.Then by asphalt we go to Derbent, the most southern city of Russia. Derbent fortress is included in the UNESCO world heritage list. The walls of this fortress tower over the Caspian sea for 2000 years. In the evening we will walk through the streets of ancient Derbent and have dinner in a restaurant on the Caspian sea.

Day 13 Derbent - Makhachkala, 150 km

This day we will visit a souvenir shop in Derbent. From the ancient Derbent along the Caspian Sea on the surf line we go to the sanatorium Talgi with therapeutic hydrogen sulfide water. In the evening: karaoke disco in the sanatorium.

Day 14 Makhachkala - Canyon, 180 km

From Makhachkala we will go the deepest canyon in Europe, Sulak canyon. Its depth is greater than the Grand canyon in the United States. heading another mystery of nature. Arkham asylum is located between the Caucasus mountains and the Caspian sea. There is no desert nearby. The surrounding area is dominated by a sand dune 50 meters high. After that we will go to the capital of Dagestan, Makhachkala. This word is hard to read, even harder to say, but this is where our Transcaucasian journey ends. Farewell dinner on the shore of the gray Caspian sea with Dagestan brandy.

Day 15 Makhachkala - Moscow - Arrival

Transfer by minibus to Makhachkala airport 15 km.
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Tour guides
  • Alexander Zuev
    Owner, guide, navigator in the head
    Alexander is ride on motorcycles since childhood. Recently organizes trips on enduro bikes in different parts of Russia. Alex has experience of riding a motorcycle in many countries, but most of all he likes to discover new interesting places in Russia. He likes bikes with a sidecar. Because it's better in snow Russian winter. Can make and change the route depending on the skills of the participants of the adventure. Speaks English and Russian.

  • Robert Stank
    Owner, Dutch citizen
    Robert has been riding on BMW 1200 GS for the last 10 years. He participated in moto travels on Madagascar and other parts of Africa. Of course he's traveling on BMW all over Europe. Robert often rides in Russia, where he uses light enduro bike for riding off road.
Tour motorcycles
We use light Honda XR 250 Enduro motorcycles. To say that The Honda XR250R is a popular Enduro motorcycle. The XR250R is great for beginning riders who wish to try out off-road motorcycles as well as experienced Enduro fans who appreciate the bike for its phenomenal reliability and excellent balance of all its characteristics. The main advantage of this bike is its air-cooled engine. This means that a broken radiator cannot stop you in the forest. The motorcycles can ride on both asphalt and off-road. These bikes are forgiving which makes them perfect for beginning riders.

The Grand Caucasus
15-day Motorcycle Adventure Tour in Russia from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea

Price € 2.350,-