Prepare for your trip

You must have a valid passport with a Russian visa. We can help in preparing the visa which will prevent any possible issues. We can provide you an invitation which you may need at the visa application center or Embassy of Russia in your country.

Don't forget to make a copy of your passport with a photo and your visa. You need to have a driving license category A (motorcycle) and make a copy of this license. We also highly recommend that you take out travel insurance that covers cancellation of your holiday in case you can't make the tour due to accident, illness or redundancy before departure.

Our motorcycles have 3rd party liability insurance.
Want to get full check list
for motorcycle travel in Russia?
Get a free check list for your trip! This will help you bring what you actually need.

What to pack

Everything you will need in a trip
with the actual Russian Visa and a copy
Category-A driving licence
and a copy
Pocket money
about € 300,-
Motorcycle helmet
Long strong pants
or the special one for riding
Solid long boots
or the special one for riding
Rain suit
A protection for the arms and knees
Back protection
Cloth for the SPA and swim