How many people are usually in the group?
Usually in a group of 5-8 participants. This allows us to take into account the needs of each participant and be more mobile on the route.
Which roads do we use on the route?
We use paved roads and sometimes there are difficult off road parts in the mountains. But we always choose the path depending on the level of riding participants. And the main task is to find roads where road bikes will not pass.
Do you have a support car?
Yes, we use support car . It transports spare parts, tires, repair tools, and participants ' Luggage from hotel to hotel. It doesn't always follow the group.
What types of hotels can we stay at during a tour?
We stay in middle-class hotels. Double rooms with two separate beds.Sometimes we can stay in the homes of local residents or ethno hotels. All hotels have a shower and toilet.
Can I increase the level of hotel accommodation to Luxe?
Sometimes it's impossible. We ride where there is no huge tourist flow and hotel infrastructure is not developed. Single occupancy is possible. You need to inform us about this in addition.
How much money do I need per day?
Lunch and dinner are paid separately, as well as petrol for the motorcycle. For this you will need 25-30 euros per day. On Souvenirs and gifts define yourself but it is not expensive in Russia

How many kilometers do we ride every day?
This depends on the road surface. On asphalt and gravel we can drive up to 300 km a day. In the mountains 150 km per day. We always make stops on the route.
Are meals or alcohol included in the tour cost?
Only breakfast is included. Alcohol is not included in the tour cost.
Can I make my own wishes and changes to an itinerary?
Yes, you can. We always take into account the wishes of everyone and if possible we make changes to an itinerary.
Do I have to stay with the group all the time?
Most of the route we go together, but in some places it is possible to follow with an support car. In the evening everyone has the opportunity to spend time on their own plan
Can my motorcycle club/friends and I get a custom design its own guided tour?
Sure.We can change and develop an individual route for a group of 6 people.
Can I carry along passengers?
Unfortunately, this is not possible, because we use light Enduro and it will make it difficult to move off road.
What is the average age of the tour participants?
The average age of the participants is 35-70 years old. And you can participate if you are over 70, if you have a good physical and mental shape.
What are the averages air temperatures during the tour?
The calendar of our tours is made so that the temperature was as comfortable as possible for participants. But sometimes it is cold in the mountains and very hot on the plain. It is better to contact us before the tour and we will give recommendations

The averages are +18 - +25°C
How can I book a tour?
To reserve a place in a group, you should pay a 30% deposit at the time of booking and to make a balance payment 2-4 months before the tour starts. You can pay with your debit or credit card by the link that we will send you, or you can make a direct bank transfer in EUR or USD.
Are there any discounts for large groups?
Yes. At making reservations for 4 people and more we offer a discount of 5%. If you have group of more than 8 people, contact us and we will offer individual conditions for your group.
Does every trip include an experienced leader on the route?
At least one of our tour guide has led the trip before or scouted the route several times.
Will I receive some kind of information about my tour before I arrive?
A PDF Custom Road Book (information about the country, what to bring, itinerary, maps...) will be for you when you arrive for the start of the tour and to your email 10 days before your arrival.
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