Reach Mount Elbrus

10 day Guided Motorcycle Adventure Tour in Russia
from the Caspian Sea to the highest mountain of Europe

Explore the history and culture of the Russian Caucasus
over 10 days on an motorcycle

About the route
The main goal of our Journey is to reach Elbrus. And it's easily done with lightweight Enduro motorcycles, Honda XR 250. We start our journey to the highest point of Europe from the Caspian sea passing high mountain peaks, picturesque mountain tops, turbulent rivers and pristine lakes. The diversity of nature and landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent. We will overcome hundreds of kilometers of different roads, asphalt and gravel. We visit places that are not even on the map. We go on the roads available only on an enduro motorcycle.
16 - 25 June 2022
11 - 20 Aug 2022
15 - 24 Sept 2022
10 days vacations
8 riding days

Total 1500 km
Daily 120-270 km

4-10 participants
2 guides
You will see mountain streamers,
high mountain passes, waterfalls, abandoned villages,
unique traditions and customs,
a variety of nationalities and religions

Discover another Russia!
Reviews about the tour
Tjakko Raining
In September we made a fantastic offroad motor trip to the Caucasus in Russia. We had an international group, with Danish, Belgium, German and Dutch people in it. The guide was Russian of course, as well as his mechanic. Both Russian guys were well prepared and prepared us a nice and magnificent route right through the Russian Caucasus and nine of its Republics of Russia. We slept at the locals in local homestays and ate local food. We saw the villages and cities, met local people and saw incredible nature and the mountain Elbrus. We drove on a nice Honda XR 250, well prepared and after the first week every evening serviced. We had a day off in Grozny and that was nice as a break of two weeks driving. We saw the local markets there, could buy some nice t-shirts and in Derbent we could buy a local Kazak hat. We also visited the silver city Kubachi and the very impressive Beslan. It was a trip to never forget! Thank you Alexander and Egor.
Birdy Landgreen
Ohh boy ... those fantastic Caucasus mountains gave me the best adventure. We drove the bikes through crazy tracks that made me sweat and my heart beated double up, asphalt roads with nice funny curves, long distance dirt roads in all conditions, beaches with irritating sand :-) narrow tracks uphill through the forest and also easy asphalt roads from place to place .... everywhere with the great Caucasus nature, the fantastic mountains. All lokal people are very nice and curious when we came on our bikes. I got the feeling it is not normal to see a woman riding offroad in Caucasus :-) Naturally we made stops at exiting places like old monuments and beautifull viewes. It was a great adventure ... maybe you'll se me again on this trip :-)
Norbert Weitzel
Die Enduroreise von Sochi nach Matschkala ist neu und ich hatte die Gelegenheit, die erste Tour mit zu fahren. Der start in Sochi beginnt in einer Stadt, der man an jeder Ecke anmerkt, dass sie für Olympia und WM hergerichtet wurde. Doch es geht schnell in einsamere Regionen des nördlichen Kaukasus, dem man in den nächsten zwei Wochen rund 2000Km nach Osten folgt. Die meiste Zeit wird versucht, die größeren Strassen zu meiden und nur ab und zu muss ein Transfer durch den teils chaotischen Stadtverkehr absolviert werden. Das wird aber schnell vergessen, sobald man wieder in die Weiten der Berge abzweigt. Hier gibt es Landschaften, die täglich wechseln und mich zum Teil an Schwarzwald, Jura oder Schottland erinnern. Das ist aber nur der Vorgeschmack zu dem, was dann folgt - Landschaften pur. Die Beschaffenheit der Wege ist sehr unterschiedlich und reicht von etwas Asphalt zu Schotter, Erde oder auch losem Sand. Dies ist aber nicht Selbstzweck, sondern durch das Ziel gegeben, denn viele Stellen lassen sich nur so erreichen. Die eine oder andere Stelle kann für 'Strassenfahrer' wie mich sehr herausfordernd sein, doch diese lassen
sie sich im Team meistern. Hierbei helfen auch die sehr gutmütigen leichten Maschinen, die von Tag zu Tag Patina aufsammeln, wie auch wir Fahrer. Das lässt sich durch eine Dusche und gutes Essen beheben und man startet wieder frisch in den nächsten Tag. Das es bei so einer Tour auch zu Pannen kommen kann, ist verständlich. Der ein oder andere platte Reifen ist aber schnell an Ort und Stelle gefixt und abends nimmt sich der Mechaniker (er fuhr das
Begleitfahrzeug mit dem großen Gepäck) die Maschinen unter die Lupe. Am Ende jeden Tages wird eine Unterkunft angefahren, die je nach Gegend mal mehr, mal weniger skurril ausgeprägt ist. Ob in einem kleinen Dorf in den Bergen oder in einem Sanatorium. Jedes hat seinen Charme und rundet das Gesamtbild mit ab. Hier gibt es noch keinen Massentourismus und die Bevölkerung sieht uns, so habe ich es wahr genommen, als Bereicherung des Alltags. Leider blockierte die mangelnde Sprachkenntnis einen tieferen Austausch - ich spreche kein russisch. Wie so oft bleibt am Ende nur die Erkenntnis, dass die Zeit (wieder) zukurz war. Man hat sehr viele Eindrücke gewonnen, grandiose Landschaft 'erfahren' und trotzdem das Gefühl, dass hinter der ein oder anderen Abzweigung noch Vieles zu entdecken gewesen wäre. Eine Wiederholung ist daher in meinem Falle nicht ausgeschlossen.

Reach Mount Elbrus
10 day Guided Motorcycle Adventure Tour

€ 1.950,-
Price includes a motorcycle Honda XR 250 rental

What's included
  • visa assistance
  • airport transfers
  • all overnights (comfortable middle-class hotels, 2 beds in a room) during entire tour
  • breakfast every day
  • 1 picnics
  • drinking water
  • motorcycle rental
  • third party liability insurance for motorcycles
  • technical support
  • support van for luggage transportation
  • English-speaking guide
  • tour information package in English
  • Russia Adventures gift
  • vegan-friendly and halal-friendly
What's not included
  • visa counsel fee
  • international flights to Makhachkala and from Mineralnye Vodyi
  • lunches and dinners
  • alcoholic and other beverages
  • health insurance
  • excursion tickets
  • benzine
  • ll services not mentioned as included
  • pocket money € 300,-
  • single room € 290,-

Itinerary day by day

Day 1
Day 1
Departure - Makhachkala. Walking tour
Walking tour
We will meet at the Makhachkala airport. First day is to get acquainted with Caucasian hospitality, try local dishes in the restaurant, walk around the capital of Dagestan.
Day 2
Day 2
Makhachkala - Derbent 210 km
210 km
On the first riding day we will visit unique places, Barkhan sarykum and Sulak canyon. Sarykum Barkhan is the largest single sand mountain in the world! The height of the mountain is about 250 m, length about 12 km, width-about 4 km. Sulak canyon-one of the deepest canyons in the world and the deepest in Europe, its depth reaches up to 1920 meters, and the length of 53 kilometers. And at the end of the day we will be riding on the sandy coast of the Caspian sea.

Day 3
Day 3
Derbent - Kubachi 150 km

After spending the night in Derbent we will go to the most ancient fortress in Russia, Naryn-Kala. The citadel retained its strong fortified walls, round towers with crenellated roofs, long corridors and dungeons, worn stairs, contours of former palaces, vaulted ceilings and domes. After visiting this one of the main attractions of Dagestan, we are going to visit the waterfall Khuchni. There we will bathe, recharge and gain strength. Then we will go to the ancient capital of Kala Koreish, it is located on the top of an impregnable mountain. The settlement was founded in the 7th century. 5 kilometers from here is the famous village Kubachi.
Day 4
Day 4
Kubachi - Chokh 120 km

Kubachi is one of the largest traditional centers of artistic processing of metal, as well as stone and wood carving in the Caucasus. That day we will visit the jeweler's house and jewelry workshop. Then go up to the watchtower "Akyayla-Kala", with a panoramic view of the village of Kubachi. By the end of the day we reach an underground waterfall in the canyon of the river Saltine. A narrow gorge leads to the multi-tiered waterfall, where it turns into a cave. This waterfall is a miracle of nature. We will spend the night in a unique guest house decorated in a traditional mountain style with all the elements of ethnic culture, from the interior to the kitchen utensils with all the elements of everyday life and a small farmstead. For a complete immersion in the atmosphere that prevailed in these parts 100 years ago, we will be dressed in national costumes.

Day 5
Day 5
Chokh - Kazenoy Am 180 km

In the morning we will admire the panoramas of Chokh – the most beautiful mountain village of Dagestan. People have lived here since the Neolithic era. Choh is an open-air architectural Museum. Then we'll move to an abandoned village Gamsol in the mountains. The village is located on the top of the mountain, at an altitude of about 1500 meters above sea level, where you can see the astonishing sites. The village is surrounded by cliffs and steep slopes. We finish the day after the ride to the beautiful waterfall Tobot, which height is more than 100 meters.

Day 6
Day 6
Kezenoy Am - Vladikavkaz 205 km

On this day we leave the Republic of Dagestan for the territory of the Chechen Republic through the high-mountain lake Kazenoy Am. This lake is the largest and deepest in the North Caucasus, it is created by nature on the slope of the Andean ridge at an altitude of 1869 meters. The lake is home to a unique trout listed in the Red book. After we visit the open-air Ethnographic Museum Dondi-Yurt in Urus Martan. Then we go to the North Ossetia–Alania, Vladikavkaz. On the way we visit Beslan. On September 1 2004, about three dozen Chechen militants took about 1,200 people hostage in a school. Three days later the situation escalated and hundreds of people were killed. Considering the majority of children that were among these people, it is being thought of as one of the worst terror attacks in Russian history.

Day 7
Day 7
Vladikavkaz - Nalchik

This day we will visit to Karmadon gorge to the place of death of the famous Russian actor Sergei Bodrov. We will see the watchtowers, the remains of an avalanche, mount Kazbek, drive along the Georgian Military road. We will visit the site of the collapse of the Kolka glacier which claimed more than 200 lives. Then we are poisoned to one of the most mysterious places in Russia, The city of the. The remains of over 10,000 people are presented here in the city's 97 crypts.

Day 8
Day 8
Nalchik - Elbrus 160 km

From Nalchik we will head to the main goal of our trip-the Northern foothills of Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe. We reach Cheget glade, from there we ascend the oldest open-type cable car in Russia to a height of 3100 m. At the upper station "Kyun" we observe the peaks of Elbrus, the Main Caucasian ridge, the glacier" seven", the Baksan gorge and the mountain lake Donguzorunkel. Overnight will stay on the Azau glade.

Day 9
Day 9
Elbrus - Mineralnye Vodyj
160 km
This Day we will leave for Pyatigorsk. It is the oldest spa and mud resort of federal importance as well as an industrial, commercial, scientific, cultural, and tourist center of the Caucasian Mineral Waters (Kavkazskiye Mineralniye Vody) eco-resort region. In 2010 it was named the capital of the newly created North Caucasus federal district. The name Pyatigorsk means "five mountains city". This day we visit some places of interest: the Shameless Baths, the Lermontov's grot, the Diana's grot, the Proval with its blue water, which has an interesting legend, the Lermontov house, where the great poet lived, the place of his duel, where he was killed in 1841, the wonderful Lermontov gallery and some other places.
Day 10
Day 10
Mineralnye Vody - Moscow

Transfer to Mineralnye Vody airport.
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Tour guides
Alexander Zuev
Owner, guide, navigator in the head
Alexander is ride on motorcycles since childhood. Recently organizes trips on enduro bikes in different parts of Russia. Alex has experience of riding a motorcycle in many countries, but most of all he likes to discover new interesting places in Russia. He likes bikes with a sidecar. Because it's better in snow Russian winter. Can make and change the route depending on the skills of the participants of the adventure. Speaks English and Russian.

Robert Stank
Owner, Dutch citizen
Robert has been riding on BMW 1200 GS for the last 10 years. He participated in moto travels on Madagascar and other parts of Africa. Of course he's traveling on BMW all over Europe. Robert often rides in Russia, where he uses light enduro bike for riding off road.

Our motorcycles

We use light Honda XR 250 Enduro motorcycles. To say that The Honda XR250R is a popular Enduro motorcycle. The XR250R is great for beginning riders who wish to try out off-road motorcycles as well as experienced Enduro fans who appreciate the bike for its phenomenal reliability and excellent balance of all its characteristics. The main advantage of this bike is its air-cooled engine. This means that a broken radiator cannot stop you in the forest. The motorcycles can ride on both asphalt and off-road. These bikes are forgiving which makes them perfect for beginning riders.

10 day Guided Motorcycle Adventure Tour
from Derbent to Elbrus

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