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About the route
We invite you to moto tour of Dagestan. On the way you will see a lot of fascinating places of the southern region of Russia. Traditionally, our journey is not a tour, it is a journey in the full sense of the word: there is a place in it for adventures and improvisation, that is, what always leaves an imprint in your memory! Throughout the trip we will be shooting the film so that this exciting adventure stays with you forever! Believe me, you will want to return to Dagestan more than once!
May 2021
Aug - Oct 2021
6 days vacation
4 riding days
Total 700 km
Daily 130-300 km
6 participants
2 english-speaking guides
Day by day
1st riding day
1st riding day
We start adventure in MakhachKala-Capital of Dagestan.The first day in Dagestan will take place at one of the deepest canyons of the world - the Sulak canyon. And also we will be visiting Sarykum sand dune. After that we ride by the beutifull mauntinspass to the Kazenoy Am Lake.
2d riding day
2d riding day
From Kazenoy Am Lake our trip go to highlenders villege Choh. Alsou we visit waterfall Tobot
3d riding day
3d riding day
From Choh we ride to the world-famous jewelers villege Kubachi. Almost in every house there is a workshop where they make beautiful enamelware and silver daggers. In Kubachi we can take a break from the hotels and spend the night in the house of the Highlanders
4th riding day
4th riding day
On the way from Kubachi, we will visit KalaKoreysh- the high mountain capital of the medieval state, founded by the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad. Well, and then we will arrive in Derbent, the most southern city of Russia. Derbent fortress is listed in UNESCO. The walls of this fortress rise over the Caspian Sea for 2000 years. In the evening we will walk through the streets of the ancient Derbent and sit in a restaurant on the Caspian Sea coast.We will visit the famous fortress Naryn Kala founded in the VI century AD and the oldest mosque of Russia- The Juma Mosque, that was built in 733 AD. Then we will swim in the Caspian Sea and will have a dinner on the shore of the Caspian Sea. There we will have a chance to try Dagestan cuisine and famous Derbent brandy.
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